How are you keeping yourself sane?

How do you keep yourself sane?” was an interesting question two years ago. It’s a really interesting, and likely far more difficult question to answer, now.

It should tell you something about my personality that one of my least-favorite expressions is “Don’t worry about the things you can’t control.”

After all, the alternative is to worry about things I can control, and what’s the point of that, since I control them?

So, yes, I am a monstrous control freak.

And I tend to get highly frustrated if I can’t make the world bend to my will.

And have I mentioned that I’m a fatalist?

So I must be a joy to hang around with during … you know … right?

Yet I think I’m doing OK, because I’m making sure to remind myself that the only thing I can control is what I do — which is pretty much the opposite of my entire personality.

Fortunately, Suzi and I are healthy, as are all of the people we care about, to the best of my knowledge (knock on wood). We‘re able to walk safely and regularly

We don’t have any children to worry about whether they’re keeping up on their studies, and we’re fine financially.

In other words, I have it a lot better than a lot of people.

I don’t need a cookie, and I won’t call it a “silver lining.” Realizing that will, worry and impatience can’t make everything go the way I want it to is something I could have figured out long before a pandemic that’s killing tens of thousands of people.

Really, staying home and keeping my distance from other people when I do go out is not really a big ask in service of helping us get to the other side, however long that takes.

But whenever that happens, will I remember when I only worried about what I could control?

So how are you trying to keep yourself sane these days?


12 thoughts on “How are you keeping yourself sane?

  1. Excellent points! I am constantly worried, but trying very hard not to. I just have to unplug sometimes and remove myself as best as I can. I’ve been keeping sane by acting crazy. I think I’m actually going to compile a list of silly things to do! Lol.


  2. I’m the same way, if the things I can’t control were nothing to worry about then why am I worrying so much about them?? But I kind of feel like I have no other option nowadays. I am realllllyy controlling those things I can control though, I might be going overboard

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  3. I hate that phrase too. I’m a planner, always have at least 1 back up plan. There’s a difference between worrying about the things we can’t control and trying to plan for them. So when something that we would choose to avoid if we had control happens, we can deal with it. That’s my justification anyway! That said, when it does all go screwed up, I get very practical and sort things out as far as possible. Then melt down later.


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