The week gone by — April 5

I’m not always the greatest about turning over my calendar each month.

If I happen to notice and think of it, I’ll do it, but otherwise, it may be a hours or even a day or two before I do it.

But this month, I flipped that sucker right after my morning orange juice, even before I ate.

It was nothing against Zack Britton, the previous photo on my Yankee calendar, or any great love for Chad Green in April, but I, like I’m guessing most of the rest of us, wanted to banish all signs of March as soon as humanly possible.

Because let’s face it, March was a long forever.

Here’s hoping things get at least a little better before Miguel Andujar shows up on my kitchen wall.


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Because time doesn’t exist anymore, and clearly, neither do social norms.” — Yeah, pretty much.

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Baseball is impossible and wonderful, all at the same time.


What made this work is that there was an audience-participation segment earlier in the show, so it just seemed like she was another person plucked out of the crowd.

OK, who knows it?

Everything shut down right around the time I would have thought about a haircut, so yeah, my hair is pretty much out of control.

I actually managed to wear jeans three times this week.

I can’t get behind the “happy about the 2013 World Series” part, but the role that sports plays in your life? Absolutely.

Speaking of which … a highlight of my junior year of high school.

I remember when this was a big deal during the Super Bowl.

It’s important to start them young.

No argument here.



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