The week gone by — March 8

When Suzi and I were in Scotland a couple years ago, the Six Nations rugby tournament was a major topic of conversation.

We even got into a chat with our cab driver taking us from Edinburgh to the airport.

Ever since then, I’ve tried to watch a little rugby, especially since I’m always up for picking up new sports.

The only problem is … I don’t know anything about rugby, and I’m having trouble figuring it out.

Actually, that’s not completely true. I know games are 80 minutes long. I know what a try is, and that you can add points with a kick like an extra point in football. I also know that you can kick goals for three points.

I sense that there’s some element of field position to kicking the ball to the opposition.

Oh, and rugby players appear to be mostly large, fast and impervious to pain.

Other than that, pretty much forget it. I wouldn’t begin to know the strategy. I don’t get why they mostly smash into each other, pop the ball loose and smash into each other again.

I don’t know what’s a penalty, or why sometimes there seems to be an advantage to kicking the ball out of bounds.

I watched a couple videos on YouTube that were useful, and the USARugbyFan Twitter account has been very helpful, so maybe I’ll figure this game out yet.


Before we get started with the main part of this week’s endeavor, news from a sport I at least know a little bit about.


Life … without a script — Is this the time when the story starts to turn?

Planes, trains and fears — My grandmother won’t get on an airplane, but used to ride the trains in New York City unsupervised when she was young.

Getting out of the ‘vacation monastery’ — There has to be more to travel than pictures and souvenirs, right? This was a project I did with my pal Renata at Buffalo Sauce Everywhere, so read her post about Home, College and Abroad Renata, and their relationships with each other.

A little bit of help … a little too late — Facebook wants to help me find a job.


The volleyball game that showed I’m getting old — There was a time when I could have played volleyball all night. That time hasn’t existed for a long time now.


Soak it all in on the Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop (Sunshine With Savannah) — ROAD TRIP!

Where The Ice Finally Ends (The Return of the Modern Philosopher) — You take your reasons for optimism wherever you can find them.

Making The Most Out of Being Busy (Rosie Culture) — I find that when I’m busy, I’d love a chance to be lazy, but when I’m doing nothing, I get bored easily.

The Price Of Taking The Path Less Traveled On (Dark Blue Journal) — When your choices are not the ones people expect you to make.

Social Media Purge (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — I generally tend to keep people around unless they really tick me off. What about you?

FED Talk: Foods I Like (The Captain’s Speech) — Almost as odd as the list of foods he has never eaten.

My friend who lives in Switzerland has said she’s not interested in partaking. She also said women weren’t allowed to vote there until 1971 (in federal elections, anyway.)


I prefer to say my parents tried to replicate perfection when they had my brother.

Lydia is a friend and former coworker, so first of all, screw you, TSA guy. Secondly, how can that even be legal?

Not only should “Schoolhouse Rock” come back, it should be for kids and adults.

The worst experience I’ve had is someone who insisted on getting mad at a joke I made where I was the butt of the joke, so I’m not familiar with this, but the thread is quite a read.

Whatever the reason is, unless Vee knows someone, it’s probably not good.

One awesome play … nine points to go.

No lies detected.


While some people are providing bits of songs that you can sing for more than 20 seconds while washing your hands, others note that you can sing COVID-19 to the tune of “Come On Eileen,” which is as good an excuse as any to give you this from Sugarland and Sara Bareilles.

Stay safe, everybody.

I believe the rugby players in the photo by Olga Guryanova on Unsplash are engaging in a scrum. Don’t ask me what happens next.

6 thoughts on “The week gone by — March 8

  1. I love rugby and have been teaching myself the rules/strategy over the last few years. My favourite is the Rugby Sevens where it’s 7 vs. 7, which opens up the field a lot more and limits the constant crashing into each other. By the way, a penalty occurs if a player tackles someone and doesn’t roll away. They must allow the person they tackled to try and release the ball to a teammate.

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  2. My 8 yo has started playing tag rugby for our local team in the last 6 months. Its different rules than adults but the basics are the same. You have to pass backwards and place the ball over the line deliberately. After that it’s all details of when it’s a scrum or a ruck or maul and when to have lineouts. Worth learning to love. It’s quite like American football but without the armour or cheerleaders.

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