A little bit of help … a little too late

I saw a job listing from a company that included the phrases “leads ideation sessions” and “drives the executional design.”

Because apparently they prefer 25-cent terms and not nickel ones like “ideas,” “brainstorming” or “execution.”

Had the listing been interesting otherwise, I might have forgive its assault on the English language and applied, but it didn’t, so I didn’t.

I found the listing on a job board, which is where I find most of the places I’ve applied to, along with LinkedIn.

Mix also sent me a few job notices from his company, and a former boss of mine will email me if she sees something that looks interesting.

One place I’ve never looked for jobs is Facebook, because I didn’t know it had job listings. It turns out that it does, which didn’t come as any kind of surprise. It’s Facebook, after all; its tentacles are everywhere.

But even though I had never looked for jobs on Facebook, a post landed in my feed urging me to apply with a particular company. This wasn’t one of those “Our company is awesome … see what jobs we have to offer!” posts, but a post about a specific job.

And it was the type of job I would be interested in, so it was no accident.

I know from having looked at the Facebook jobs page that there’s information in my profile that could help it determine what types of jobs I’d be looking for, but I’m fairly certain I wasn’t getting those kinds of posts when I was working.

In other words, does Facebook know where I’m applying to from other sites, running it through its algorithm and spitting out its own recommendations? Or am I being paranoid? It is Facebook, after all … it’s not hard to be paranoid.

Let’s look on the bright side, though. Maybe, just maybe, however, Facebook’s all-seeing eye could be good. Since it seems to know all of the information about every person and business on the planet, it might wind up being the greatest job counselor ever created.



However, if Facebook is going to advise me in my search, there’s one thing it needs to get straight.

Remember how I said the job it recommended was the type I’d be interested in? Well, I did apply for it … weeks ago.

And I’ve already been rejected.

If Facebook wants to match me with willing employers — for purely altruistic reasons, of course — based on what it sees me doing online, the least it can do is keep up.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.


4 thoughts on “A little bit of help … a little too late

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