The week gone by — March 1

“Alexa, tell a knock-knock joke.”

”Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”


”Figs who?”

”Figs your doorbell. It’s broken.”

Alexa — excellent for playing the radio, listening to music, getting weather forecasts and even knock-knock jokes … and maybe spying on you.


Back at the desk — I sit down and start writing, trying to unclog my brain.


Scratching my Montreal itch — Why would it be disappointing to visit a wonderful city for the second time?


More responses to “Thirty Questions,” some from people I challenged, others not.

On The Fly


Don’t Tell Me to Eat a Hamburger: What Everyone Should Know about Eating Disorders (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — A really good read from Renata and her dietician, Kelsey.

Other people’s ideas (Smelly Socks and Garden Peas) — It’s amazing how little people who think they know you actually do know.

Foods I’ve Never Had (The Captain’s Speech) — I am a notoriously picky eater, and I’m with him on a lot of these, but some of them … wow.

My Favorite Quotes (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — Some really good ones in here.

Our best date day yet (Sunshine with Savannah) — Sometimes Plan B works out for the best.

On self-imposed expectations and being a doubtful, anxious journalist (Inching Forwards) — Telling stories, what ones you tell, how you tell them and a fear that’s not really unusual.

Don’t get your hopes up. Doooooon’t get your hopes up. (Millennial Life Crisis) — Vee doesn’t dare jinx it, so her followers will have to hope on her behalf.

How I Accidentally Stopped Having Fun (Rosie Culture) — Funny how that happens.

525,600 Minutes (The Dee Word) — One year, one very big year.

Bad Days Are Good for You (Jessica Wildfire) — Lots of advice, approximately none of which I take.

“I’m still dealing with the fallout, and lots of it really sucks. But what I’m realizing that it’s okay for things to suck sometimes.”

Why would you ever want to do such a crazy thing?

This is a really thought-provoking piece. I encourage everyone to ponder it.


It’s a whole thread, but especially this one.

Do not let him go … ever.

All good advice will be considered.


I usually eat them with syrup, but a good sausage gravy is a treat.

Rage until it passes, which is probably not the most-healthy thing in the world.

Photo by Thomas Debay on Unsplash.


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