The week gone by — Feb. 23

How, exactly, do you hide a boat?

Apparently, there’s a dude in Brooklyn who has been managing to do it, but now that  his marina is closing, it might be just a little bit harder.

“It’s a huge loss for Brooklyn,” said a marina tenant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of his wife, who doesn’t know he owns a boat. “There’s a lot of guys who fish out of here, and it’s nice because you can be in the ocean very quickly, which is a huge bonus. And for sailors its a nice place, because it’s really deep and, again, ocean access.”

Let’s review — our guy managed to buy a boat, keep the boat in a marina, pay all the charges that go with it, maintain it and … oh yeah … use it, and his wife never knew?

I’m thinking there are some possibilities:

1. He is a genius who has managed to concoct a watertight story to conceal the fact that he owns a boat from his wife.

2. His wife is clueless.

3. She knows.

4. She’s hiding something of her own.

Which do you think?


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Corporate-speak is a scourge. No, really … it is.

I saw Ben Gordon play a lot in college, but hadn’t heard much about him lately. This, however, is quite a story.


So many choices, but this is one of my big ones … if I actually thought an expression that literally means the opposite of what you’re trying to say was “trivial.”

See previous.

Come back once you’ve dealt with all the chopped onions and dust.

I still see this from time to time on PBS while channel-surfing. I always cringe.


Other than the job any sane person would want?

Years ago, when I worked in a grocery store, a regular customer asked how I was doing and I said, “Fine.” When she said “Just fine?” I either replied or wanted to reply that I’m not “on” all the time.

Syrup is great, but it must have a proper receptacle.

There is a wrong way … aka “not the way I do it.”

Quite cool, if you ask me.

We’re more cat-focused here, but that’s an awful cute puppy.

And the world spins off its axis … no doubt from vigorous sweeping by a curler.


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