Saturday: Don’t say anything

It wasn’t particularly easy, but Liverpool won again.

Fans, pundits, announcers … everyone is talking about what Liverpool is about to do, as it’s all but a done deal.

As a Liverpool fan, I’ll be so excited when they wi …

… Nope, can’t do it.

Even if Liverpool had lost, it probably wouldn’t have meant much in terms of them doing the thing that I refuse to talk about.

But since they won, a team that hasn’t lost and only tied once in the league would probably have to lose eight of their last 12 games — or some other bizarre combination of losses and ties — to not do that thing.

Which is why I won’t talk about it.

Don’t want to jinx it.

Sure, jinxes aren’t actually real … but it’s still not worth taking the chance that somewhere, someone or something is compiling all of our statements about life and punishing us for talking out of turn.

After all, if that happens, then it’s all our fault.

It’s not just sports, though. Not snowed much where you live this winter? Better not say that without knocking on wood, just in case. Don’t want to invite the wrath of all who know you — not to mention hours at the snowblower — by needlessly tempting the snow gods.

And by all means, it’s fine to say you think the phone interview went well, that you think you struck up a good rapport with the Human Resources guy and had good answers to all the questions without feeling like you were BSing any answers.

Just do not say, under any circumstances, it went so well that you’re sure when he talks to another manager midweek, they’ll decide she’ll call you for a second phone interview, and if that goes well, you’ll be invited in for a daylong visit to give a presentation and do a series of individual interviews.

Because when you get an email at the end of the week — thanking you for your patience during the all-of-four-day process — saying that they’ve decided to go in another direction … well, you really should have known better.

This is the final installment of my project to write a story from something that happened each day this week. Here are the others.

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