Tuesday: Ugh … just ugh

Gray, foggy, cold, feeling like it’s raining even when it’s not … the kind of day that’s just the definition of “blah.”

At least it wasn’t snowing, and in February, that’s always a good thing.

And it’s time for three of the greatest words in the English language — “pitchers and catchers.”

The thing they don’t tell you about unemployment is how boring it is.

There are several things I do during the week: exercise class Mondays, workouts Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, pickleball Wednesdays (and sometimes other days), networking group Fridays.

Plus there’s the occasional errand or walk when the weather’s good, but I still have to figure out all day, every day.

I check job boards, send in applications and constantly check my email to see if any potential employers get in touch with me. (I’ve had a couple pretty good phone interviews lately, so maybe that’ll lead to something?)

On the days when there’s nothing planned and the weather’s lousy, that’s when “Let me go get the mail; that’ll keep me occupied for 90 seconds!” — it went straight in the recycling bin — or “I know I’ll do … unload and load the dishwasher!” become thoughts that actually cross your mind because human beings can only scan the internet so much.

I eventually pulled out my Strat-O-Matic baseball game and played on the dining room table. In case you’re wondering or care (and really, why would you?), Cleveland beat Minnesota, 5-4.

I had baseball board games periodically as a kid, although it was a different game, Statis Pro Baseball. I liked that one better, but they don’t make it anymore, although I guess there’s an online version.

I pondered buying Strat-O-Matic for several years right around this time, and I finally pulled the trigger a couple years ago. The players and teams are from 2017, but it’s a great way to spend a couple hours.

I really should do it more.

But that’s the thing … there are a lot of things I should do more, and I wouldn’t be so bored.

I’ve been reading a fair amount, but I could do more. With all the streaming services Suzi and I subscribe to, there’s no shortage of things I could watch.

I could spend my days writing all my deepest thoughts. (Ahem …)

However, that’s the paradox of having all the time in the world to do something —you don’t do it … because you have all the time in the world to do it.

Instead, you see what’s new online, stare at the four walls and turn going to the mailbox into an adventure.


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11 thoughts on “Tuesday: Ugh … just ugh

    1. Yeah, I think Strat-O-Matic has something called “line-out with max” for runners on base, meaning that the batter and max number of baserunners are out, so if there are two runners and no outs, it’s a triple play.

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