Monday: Greetings from the post office

There are post offices, including the one where I live, where you can buy greeting cards.

Did you know there are post offices where you have been able to buy greeting cards since last fall?

I did not know there are post offices where you can buy greeting cards.

Albert Almora bobblehead

The reason I didn’t know this is because I never go to the post office, but bills won’t pay themselves, and we were out of stamps.

So when was the last time I was in the post office? It’s not something I track, but could it really be in the fall of 2018? Did I really go more than a year without going to  the post office?

I only remembered that trip because I was trying to figure out how to ship the extra Albert Almora Jr. bobblehead from when Suzi and I went to Wrigley Field. I had put out the call to ask if anyone had wanted it, but you’d be surprised to hear there’s not a ton of interest in bobbleheads of weak-hitting center fielders.

But a friend of mine in Maryland has a brother and a nephew who are big Cubs fans, so she said she’d take it for them, which is why I was in the post office trying to figure out how to ship it.

I finally chose one of their biggest shipping envelopes, stuffed the box inside, sealed it as best I could and hoped for the best. Apparently, the bobblehead got to Maryland just fine, and there was much rejoicing when she delivered it.

As for the greeting cards, I usually buy them in the drugstore and mail them from the mailbox that’s outside, but if the post office wants to sell them, I don’t have a huge issue with it.

So if you have to send that last-minute Valentine’s Day card, maybe you can pick one up at the post office and send it right from there. But be aware, “Please pay for greeting cards before writing on them.”

This is the second entry in my project to write a story from each day this week. See the first entry — “Sunday: Lunch with friends.”



8 thoughts on “Monday: Greetings from the post office

  1. Its funny the things we take for granted, isn’t it? The last time I was in the post office it was to send out a package to a friend in Missouri. But now one can buy stamps anywhere, there are Fed Ex stores inside Walmart’s and even online. I didn’t know you could buy greeting cards in a post office. Maybe in your neck of the woods, but I haven’t seen any in my post office.

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    1. I believe it’s an experimental program, so it’s not in every post office. From the article I saw, they’re hoping for a significant revenue boost, but I’m not sure that offering something you can get in any grocery store or drug store is going to help when you already have to be in the post office to do it.

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