The week gone by — Feb. 9

Have you ever done yoga naked? Would you want to?

Don’t actually answer those — seriously, I don’t want to hear it — but you can apparently take naked yoga classes in New York City (and Boston and Seattle).

Or if that’s not your speed — and seriously, I don’t want to know — you can take an exercise class in a 50-degree studio, cycle on an underwater bike or get zapped while you work out.

I’m not sure what troubles me more … that somebody thought these were good ideas and there was a market for them, or that they may have been right.


How to be the best guest at the worst party — Follow this advice, and I guarantee you’ll be a hero.


Which is worse? You decide! — Two examples of unbridled stupidity, but there can only be one winner.


A new low for the human race. (Millennial Life Crisis) — Just when you think people have exhausted the ways they can suck …

Bloody knees! (My Forty Something Life) — No matter the shape you’re in, Father Time sometimes feels the need to remind you that he’s undefeated.

High-Functioning Depression (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — “Depression can be sneaky. It can creep up on you, especially when you haven’t been deep in the throes of it for a while and you’re so busy that you don’t really notice it.”

Sarcastic Children and Their Misconceptions About ……… Everything. (The Huntress 915) — Kids do some weird stuff.

Where Am I Supposed To Eat Now? (The Captain’s Speech) — When a restaurant is more than just a restaurant.

Becky Yells About Sports: Alex Cora (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — Becky believes a great injustice has been done.

My love for New York City is no secret, but when I read something like this, I can only shake my head and think this must be the most New York City story ever.

“The Best American Sports Writing” is the first book I read after Christmas every year, so this news is a scandal on top of an outrage.

My tip was to make sure both people get to do stuff they want to do.


You’ve never had this thought, but you’re having it now.

If New England gets a blizzard this week (I don’t think we’re supposed to), it’s her fault, and she knows it.

Everyone I grew up with knew this.


I am always here for quality Reggie content.

It is a ride, but it’s a ride worth taking.

Snow stopped being fun when it stopped meaning no school.

I thought pairs of lift tickets came with marriage licenses in Colorado, but apparently, I was wrong.

For example, this entire section of my blog.

Odds that the cat didn’t care one bit?

A @#$&ing good thread.

Yes, yes it is.

Photo (of people doing yoga with their clothes on, no naked yoga here) by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash.

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