The week gone by — Feb. 2

Dinner in hand, I walked out of the pizza place when I saw a young woman approaching while carrying a baby.

I moved to hold the door open for her, but was in just the spot where I had to move quickly so I could do so without actually blocking her path.

”I’m sorry,” she said as she walked by.

”For what?” I said. “Carrying a baby?”

I’m pretty sure I was smiling when I said it, and I hope she understood my point was that she had no need to apologize.

Because people apologize for things they don’t need to all the time, while not saying they’re sorry when it would actually make sense.


Some people are great teachers. I’m not one of them. — Why was I flagged to apply for a job when I wasn’t the least bit qualified?

When all you need is an ‘8’ — Birthday planning hits a bit of a snag.


Walking in no-man’s land — If you’re a guy who’s not really into shopping, you’re looking for something very important when you go in the store.


Why haven’t they called? (Millennial Life Crisis) — I strongly feel Vee’s pain.

If You Suk at Spelling, Raed This (Do What You Love) — Times change, so people are going to use terms that an old fogey like me won’t understand, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for proper spelling and grammar (regardless of your age).

Best of January (Sunshine With Savannah) — There are many reasons Savannah is one of my favorite follows. The latest is this reminder that January is actually over.

Please Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (Dark Blue Journal) — It doesn’t get anything accomplished.

Bad Luck Can Be Good Luck (My Forty Something Life) — An admirable perspective I very rarely have.

Accepting Life The Way It Is (Rosie Culture) — Overthinking can be such a pain.

Macaron Madness: Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong in a Macaron-Making Class (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — Why I don’t bake, Exhibit Infinity. I’d be a complete and utter disaster, although they certainly had fun.

Kobe Bryant (The Captain’s Speech) — I have nothing to add to the discussion of Kobe Bryant’s death, so I won’t. But for all the ways his life was different than yours and mine, he was taking his daughter to a game.

This is pretty disgusting, although the CEO has vowed that he’ll fix it.

All of a sudden, I have the urge to go book-shopping in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Because some people are good people, and I know her, she’s good people.

Yeah, I know. It really sucks, doesn’t it, Kristi?

One thing I never knew until I saw this video … it was actually a race well into the backstretch.

If this were real, it would have been money well-spent.


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