The week gone by — Jan. 12

We’ve had a pretty easy winter so far here in Massachusetts, but this weekend, with temperatures in the 60s and pushing 70, has been just ridiculous.

An optimist would say that every good day is another day closer to spring without a snowstorm or wickedly cold temperatures.

Meanwhile, a pessimist would say that just means the roof is more likely to fall in once the bad weather starts (February 2015 says hi), or that we’ll make up for it when it’s supposed to be spring.

Can you guess which camp I’m in?


A ballpark in winter — There won’t be any games for months, so what was I doing there?

OK, fine … I’m getting older — It’s just one reminder after another that I’m not a kid anymore.


The funniest thing I did today — Wherever you go, there you are … unless you’re not.


Renata and Josh solve a problem with their podcast at Buffalo Sauce Everywhere.

I have a crush on my boss! (Sophia Benoit) — Danger! Danger! Danger!

Does Anyone Ever Know How Much You Love Them? (Rosie Culture) — I’m really  not sure.

Not getting drunk doesn’t make me boring, stop peer pressuring people to drink (BooksNest) — No, it does not.

The piggy one was completely new to me. I was mortified.

Sure, she allegedly had court staff work on her election campaign, retaliated against employees who didn’t support her and let employees drink in the courthouse, but that’s not what people would be interested in, would it?

They can’t exactly say why he doesn’t work there anymore, but surely you’re not supposed to read anything into him being banned from the building.

“Whoever said youth is wasted on the young actually got it wrong; it’s more that maturity is wasted on the old.”


This is a very long thread, but it’ll be worth it. I promise.

And if that didn’t kick up the dust in your house …

Merrily is a friend in real life. Believe me when I tell you she has been at that beach when it was at least 40 or 50 degrees colder.

Andrew Scott is the best.

I think parts of my mouth are still burnt.


Monster Hunter is on a roll with these, so I recommend checking them out. Of course, they were using this paper in the Shannon Airport five years ago.

The very definition of a keeper.

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