The week gone by — Jan. 5

We left the Christmas lights up ’til January, but they’re down now. So are the cards and the tree.

If the holiday season wasn’t already over — since I don’t wait for Epiphany — not only did my friend Bob’s family holiday note arrive telling the tales of their madcap adventures from the previous year, but I finished the last of the egg nog.

See you next November.


What I enjoyed writing about — A list of my favorite posts from 2019 that’s longer than I thought but I wish was even longer.

The last 10 years — What have I accomplished since 2010?

Thoughts and a wish for 2020 — Things I hope to see happen in the new year.

Self-confidence in four words — What if two short sentences are the secret to accepting praise? And could you say them?


Remember when the world was going to end because the computers were messed up? — I’m not sure young folks these days can truly get what Y2K was all about.


About Wildness and Beauty (alwayscoffee) — Ali wrote something wonderful here, and spoiler alert: she’s going to show up later, too.

2019, Yeah You Did Kind of Suck (Beth in the District) — Climbing Monserrate, literally and figuratively.

Winter Q & A (Sunshine With Savannah) — Savannah answers my questions.

2020 Resolutions (Millennial Life Crisis) — “I want everyone to remember that you cannot do all the good that the world needs, but, the world does need all the good that you can do.”

Mea Culpa – Apology and Catharsis (Bumbling Dad) — On forgiving and (hopefully) being forgiven.

Lake Placid, NY (New York Family Adventures) — I’ll always endorse Lake Placid.

Problem Solved: Math Major Brews Up Success (Becky Turner) — From the woman you normally see here for Strikeouts + Sprinkles: “A math teacher walks into a brewery…”.

Celebrating Small Victories (Buffalo Sauce Everywhere) — When I was in seventh or eighth grade, there was a poster in a classroom, I think with two kittens or lion cubs or something like that, that said, “Win little victories.”

I’ve always remembered that.

There’s a chance you’ve already read this, but if you haven’t, it’s quite a story.


I wasn’t kidding about Ali. While most the rest of us were celebrating or sleeping off the previous night’s celebration, she clearly decided she was going to write amazing stuff.

Read the whole thread. I’m not kidding.

Me too. I found the list surprisingly deep and even a little sad. (However, I’d probably catch a lecture if I didn’t remind you there is one place left where you can rent from Blockbuster.)

As someone who looks nothing like his brother (and wasn’t entirely sure about his father until his mother pulled out a senior picture) …

OK, Marvel, take a shot at this one.

Seems about right.

Since Suzi and I watched “Les Miserables” on HBO last night, I leave you with this, because there is Killian Donnelly sining “Bring Him Home,” and there is everyone else singing this or pretty much anything else.

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