Self-confidence in four words

Four words.

The question was “How do you respond to criticism? How do you respond to praise?”

I said I either get angry at or agree with the former and look at my feet when the latter happens. The woman I was talking to replied with the advice she gives.

And it was four words long.

The first two were ”Thank you.”

As in saying “Thank you” when someone says something nice. It’s polite, and seems like it would be self-explanatory, but if you’re busy saying it’s really not that big a deal or insisting it’s not true while hoping someone changes the subject, it can be easy to forget.

So that’s the start — “Thank you.”

That leaves the second two words.

”You’re right.”

As in “Thank you” for saying I’m a good person/did a good thing/have a great-looking  resume/look great today, and “You’re right” … I am whatever you said.

”Thank you. You’re right.”

I’m not sure even people with unshakable self-confidence would actually say that, or maybe they would.

But if you can say “Thank you” out loud and “You’re right” in your head, that should count for something, right?



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