The week gone by — Dec. 22

You can get all your shopping done in record time, have all your decorations on point and made the greatest Christmas cookies in the world, but there’s one thing you can’t control.

The weather. If you’re traveling, and it sucks, you’re screwed.

It almost bit us a couple years ago, when it snowed overnight Christmas Eve and was snowing in the morning when Suzi and I were going to go from Williamstown to my parents’ house in New York.

And there are just a few winding mountain roads along the way.

Fortunately, I’m married to a brilliant woman, and she figured out a route around the mountains to the Massachusetts/New York border, and once we crossed, the snow has already stopped and the roads were clear.

This year, all systems look to be a go.




Bam-booze-led by a gift — I had the perfect plan for my Yankee Swap … until I didn’t.

Answering a burner question — Apparently, one’s favorite burner on the stove is something people discuss.

The only Christmas music guide you’ll need — There are so many Christmas songs, but my buddy Renata and I recommend 10 of the best. (This was my first collaborative post. It was a lot of fun.)

Someone actually wanted to talk — A phone call from an actual human being (other than the weekly call with my parents) would have been refreshing were it not for one small problem.

Not my problem anymore — There’s a part of my former job that I’m glad is someone else’s to worry about.

The things that money can buy — I was not expecting to be stumped by this question.


Having, and getting, a ball — I respond to wintry weather with a story about getting a baseball for the first time at a game.


The Holidays either bring out the best or the worst in people (Millennial Life Crisis) — Every now and then, you get a reminder that people can actually be good. (Also, Vee was on a podcast this week.)

Look Back on the Decade (Strikeouts + Sprinkles) — Becky has a really good recap of her last 10 years.

Not A Review: The Santa Clause 2 (The Captain’s Speech) — I’ve never seen this movie, but based on what I read here, I’m convinced there must have been some heavy drugs involved in making it.

The Human Toll of the 2019 Media Apocalypse (Maya Kosoff) — Well, this just sucks.

This is 45 (Tammy Breitweiser) — I’d like for something like this to be 47.

Firsts and Seconds (Kaylie Hanson Long) — Beautifully written, but it will tear your guts up.

And as much as I hate writing, talking, thinking or reading about dying, I couldn’t tear myself away.

I knew this existed, and I’m a huge Drew Magary fan, but I had never read it before this year.

Brother Pierce remains muddling with us. 


Cleverness from a college buddy.

I still need convincing that Switzerland is real.

Goals are important.

You can do that?

She’s still only five years older, but mind … blown.

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