The things that money can buy

It’s rare that I’m stumped by a question — or, more accurately, rare that I’ll admit to being stumped by a question — but this one had me flailing for an answer.

As much as I racked my brain, I couldn’t think of anything. I got a new iPad and we replaced our Apple TV, and those were nice, but they weren’t all that exciting.

My suit was old and too large, so I got a new one, and it looks nice, but it’s a suit. I only wear it once in a while, and it has mostly been for job interviews, and I don’t have a new job yet.

The problem is that I don’t buy a lot of stuff for myself because there’s not a lot of stuff that I want. (This also makes it hard to shop for me other than books, so Christmas …)

Most of what I buy now not stuff that’s in my house, but as part of stuff Suzi and I do.


And we did make some great purchases there: trips to New York and Oregon, seeing Phoebe Waller-Bridge and “Network” in New York, great concerts, including three just six weeks apart.

I don’t even buy a lot of stuff when I travel. My souvenirs are mostly the pictures I take, the blog posts I write and the stories I tell.

So I guess that’s the answer — the cool experiences I’ve had this year.

Although Suzi now seems to have developed a strange interest in a robot vacuum … or at least cats riding Roombas.


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