Someone actually wanted to talk

My phone rang.

It was a number I didn’t recognize from a town where I hadn’t done anything lately, so I almost didn’t answer it.

I answered it.

I don’t get a lot of phone calls, mostly from my parents, but they come up on my caller ID and a midweek, afternoon phone call from them would seriously freak me out.

Other than that, it’s the legion of people from all over Massachusetts who are interested in my last visit to a career center. Apparently, Heather and her friends aren’t interested in my credit or my nonexistent student loans, because they ghosted me.

It’s always the same — I pick up, there’s a moment of silence, whoever’s on the other end of the line starts talking and hangs up when they’re done.

I delete and block the number, wondering why I bothered.

So I wait, not saying anything … but didn’t hear anything else, either.


To my great surprise, a human being responded. She said my name.

Well, not my name … some other guy’s name, followed by asking if I was going to pick up a woman from her medical appointment. I believe it was an endoscopy.

Nope, I’m not your guy. At least she didn’t get angry about calling the wrong number.

Oh well … maybe the next one will be the call I’m looking for.

And I hope that woman got picked up from her appointment.

Maybe it’s a vital phone call. Maybe it’s his parents. Maybe it’s spam. Whatever it is, the photo is from Mimzy on Pixabay.

3 thoughts on “Someone actually wanted to talk

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