Answering a burner question

“It’s there for you all the time, and yet, have you ever really talked about it?”

”It,” in this case, being the stovetop in the kitchen, specifically, which burner is my favorite.

The crazy part is that as soon as I got into the article, I instantly identified my favorite and least-favorite burners, even though most of my cooking is in the microwave.

First off, let’s immediately dismiss the two back burners. The only way they ever get used is if I’m using the front ones, and I never make anything that sophisticated.

Plus, if for some reason I ever did, I’d probably arrange it so badly that I’d have to reach over the front burners to get to the back, and I’d be afraid that I’d light myself on fire.

So that leaves the front, and of those two, the left is my favorite, but not for the apparently obvious reason.

For me, it’s less about being left-handed and more about what it’s not, namely the right front burner.

“What’s wrong with the right front burner?” you may ask. Let me tell you. When there’s something cooking there, and I’m using the microwave at the same time, it makes the handle to the microwave door hot. Sometimes I have to use a potholder just to open the microwave.

Naturally, right front is Suzi’s favorite, and since she does most of the cooking, she actually has a logical reason — right front is the hottest.

For example, when she makes Italian, the pot with the pasta goes in the right front because the water boils faster. The sauce goes in the left front, although in terms of heat, it’s third behind front right and back left.

The teapot for the tea we don’t drink should indicate where right back falls in the rankings.

But whatever burner one of us is using, I will always turn whatever’s on the stove if the handle is sticking out, since I think I heard once that there’s a danger of accidentally burning yourself.

If you’ve made it to this point — first, congratulations and thank you — you probably think this whole thing is absurd.

And you’re probably right. But you’re going to think about it now.

Don’t tell me you won’t.



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