Bam-booze-led by a gift

I’ve been to two Yankee Swap parties in my life.

The first was a work party several years ago. I had an early number, grabbed the gift I wanted — a hot chocolate set and mugs — and then watched everyone do what I knew they would do, which was spend the rest of the party swapping the booze among themselves.

There may have also been one other gift that was passed around a lot.

And that was fine with me, since I don’t drink.

The second was at the Christmas party for my networking group.

This time, I had a late number, but I knew that when it came up, unless I opened something awesome, I’d be trading it in for the egg nog that went fairly early, since I am obsessed with egg nog at Christmas.

Two small self-marketing books not being awesome, I asked “Where’d that egg nog run off to?” and claimed it for my own. However, I thought the chances were 50/50 at best that I’d keep it, since there were still several people left and egg nog is pretty popular.

But I wound up taking it home with me, only to discover when I pulled it out of the gift bag …

… that it had alcohol in it.

And I don’t drink.

The way the room was set up was that the gift table was in the middle, with chairs in a semicircle around it. I was in the back, and so I didn’t see the egg nog very well when its original holder displayed it to the group, but I was confident it would be straight egg nog.

After all, we weren’t supposed to bring alcohol to the Yankee Swap.

Oops. Oh well, it was fun anyway.

Now I have to see if I can find someone interested in a bottle of boozy egg nog.

P.S. The Keurig cups I had brought wound up in the hands of someone who must not have had a machine, because I saw it had been traded for one of the extra gifts left after the swap was over, although I do think it eventually got claimed.

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