Festive Falmouth at Christmas

Falmouth, Massachusetts, is not the easiest place in the world to get to.

It’s neither especially close to the main highway on Cape Cod nor either of the bridges that run across the Cape Cod Canal, so there’s no convenient route from on or off the Cape.

But it’s a really nice town once you get there.


I stayed in a cute little summer home that Suzi’s aunt owned while on a three-day tryout for a job I eventually got in Orleans, and the baseball team in town kept me tethered to the Cape Cod League even after I moved about an hour away to Weymouth on the South Shore.


And every year at Christmas, a display at the Village Green brought us back to town, even after we moved off-Cape, until we finally moved too far away for the trip to make any sense.


On a busy weekend night at the height of the Christmas season, parking could be limited enough so as to require a walk to the green.

Once you got there, giant strings of lights were made to look like a Christmas tree in the middle, and because the green wasn’t all that big, you could probably look at all of the exhibits in 15 to 20 minutes or so.


But inside the fence — and even around part of the outside, as the white-lit church and houses across the street added to the atmosphere — it felt like … Christmas.

Needless to say, the children were all excited. It was festive. It was fun. It was just a happy place to be.


And when we were done, we’d admire the lights in the stores and usually stop in the bookstore before heading home.

We haven’t found anything like it since.

2 thoughts on “Festive Falmouth at Christmas

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