Christmas trees are not snacks

Back when we had multiple cats, they used to compete — or at least we imagined it that way — to be the Christmas Kitty every year.

Basically, it was which one of them looked cutest under the tree.

Sasha’s our only cat now, but she carries on the tradition well.


She’s a good girl, but there’s one thing she does — no matter how much we tell her to stop — that baffles us.

She eats the tree.

If she chewed on the needles of a real tree, it would still be a problem (and we’d probably see the effects on our floor), but at least those are plants, which animals may eat …?

However, our tree is a fake tree. She’s chewing on plastic needles that have been treated with who knows what kind of chemicals.

It just can’t taste any good.


Gnawing on branches isn’t Sasha’s only tree-related alleged malfeasance. Suzi and I once came home to find this scene of Santa looking like he had been on the wrong end of a serious bender.

Sasha, however, insisted she had nothing to do with it, and without any witnesses, claimed it was fake news.

P.S. Here are the cats Suzi and I have had together at their Christmas best.


Here’s Sasha.


This is Skippy.


Here’s Silly, the cat this blog is named after. Sasha learned well from her older brothers. From Skippy, she picked up “I can get away with anything if I look cute,” and Silly taught her how to paw at me if I’m not paying enough attention.


It’s not a Christmas photo, and she was gone before we got Sasha, but there’s no way I’m leaving out Scrapper.

7 thoughts on “Christmas trees are not snacks

  1. I have two cats and one of them love to chew the handles off of plastic bags! So we try to keep the bags out of his reach. Cats have the strangest antics but they’re so fun to have around.

    It was nice reading about Sasha and looking at your cats’ pictures!

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    1. It’s amazing the things you have to do to cat-proof the house! Not long after we moved into our current house, Sasha walked across the stove and stepped on one of the buttons, so now we cover them with a cookie sheet when we’re going away.

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  2. My cat, Stella, lays under our tree but thankfully doesn’t chew on it or climb it or anything. When we brought our real tree home last weekend, she was a little freaked out but that’s when we had to carry the tree through the living room to the dining room. We also put all of the soft ornaments toward the bottom just in case she decides to swat at them (and so the dogs’ wagging tails don’t break anything).

    Stella is big on boxes lately, and I guess it’s a good time of year to be so because of all of the stuff we’ve been getting delivered to the house.

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