Tricycle at the train station

The train station near our house was its usual Saturday-afternoon self.

No one was around, and as Suzi and I walked along the platform, there was only one other indication anyone had been there — a yellow tricycle.

I can’t imagine a tricycle is something you’d leave on a train platform because you forgot it, so I imagine there had to have been something else.

Could a child have dropped it while getting on the train, and the doors closed for departure before he or she or a parent could have retrieved it?

Did someone tell the child to leave it because there was no room? Weird … but possible, I guess.

Or did a train conductor tell the child he or she couldn’t bring the tricycle on the train? I think we can all agree that would call for severe punishment.

But however it happened, I’m trying to imagine the small child separated from his or her tricycle.

Maybe there’s hope, though. It’s Saturday at the South Acton Commuter Rail station. No one is going to be there. If they come back, there’s a decent chance the tricycle will still be there.

At the very least, someone from the MBTA will wander down that way, grab it and hold onto it until someone claims it.

I have no idea who the child is, but I find myself really wanting him or her to be reunited with that tricycle.


8 thoughts on “Tricycle at the train station

  1. Kids are really talented when it comes to leaving their things places. And, when you’re a busy parent or babysitter, it’s easy to not notice.

    Either that or mom and dad were just like ‘If you don’t calm down we’re leaving your trike here’ and the kid didn’t believe them soooo they just left it to prove to the kid they don’t lie. lol my brother does that a lot. When his kids try to call bullshit he goes the extra mile.

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    1. Me too! In addition to Vee’s take elsewhere in the comments, I have also been presented with the theory that the kid rode the bike to the station, parked there on purpose and will pick it up when they get back. I don’t know if she was kidding.

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