A gift that won’t fit under the tree

The basketball game was in commercial, and I was scrolling through Twitter to see the latest, so I wasn’t paying attention.

”Uh oh,” Suzi said.

When your wife says “Uh oh,” you pay attention.

And there it was.


The early arrival of all things Christmas is another one of those things that I know is going to happen every year, but I’ll never stop whining about it. (In important semi-related egg nog updates, pumpkin egg nog is still in the store, and I’m still walking past it.)

But car ads are on another level, because ever year, they raise an important question that doesn’t get answered Nov. 5, doesn’t get answered Thanksgiving Day, doesn’t get answered Christmas Day, doesn’t get answered New Year’s Day, doesn’t get answered when “December to Remember” ends … probably around Feb. 1.

Who gives cars with ribbons on top as gifts?

I don’t know anyone who has. Do you? If you do, please tell me.

I wonder if the little guy in this photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash is asking, ”How long do I have to be good before I get a car with a bow on it?”

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