If I could do it again

Apparently, mulligans aren’t just for the golf course, although an unlimited amount of them there would certainly do some good.

Thanks to Palm Trees and Loyalties, I learned both that there’s a National Mulligan Day and that it was Oct. 17.

Even though I missed it this year, the thought of a day dedicated to going back and fixing something from the past is an enticing one.

But what would I fix?

I generally don’t go for regrets, but of course there are things I wish I hadn’t said or done (or in some cases, had) or decisions I hadn’t made.

And then there’s the silly stuff that all I can do is ruefully shake my head and half-smile.

Yet if there was one thing I’d like to get a do-over for, it would be the first time I struck out in Little League.

No, not so I didn’t strike out. After all, if I can’t take unlimited mulligans on the golf course, I probably shouldn’t take them elsewhere.

The reason I’d like to go back is because when I struck out, I got upset at myself … really upset. I’m a lot older now, but I still get really upset at myself when I fail, whether it’s playing a game, not being able to figure something out or just screwing up.

Maybe if 8-year-old me could have shaken it off then, I’d be better at it now.

So if you could have a mulligan for one thing in your life, what would it be?


5 thoughts on “If I could do it again

  1. Wow Bill, thank you so much for sharing Your Mulligan moment. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with little remnants of regret floating around in this head of mine. A few years ago I actually tried golfing but I couldn’t hit the ball for the life of me. So, 8 year old Bill, you should not feel too badly. 😁🌴

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