For sale: one used bulldozer

Originally posted June 1, 2016 about a spot that has also hosted, among other things, a convertible, a child’s car and the most-recent item available — a dump truck from a cesspool company.

Over the past several days, I’ve been mildly, but oddly obsessed over a bulldozer for sale on the side of the road down the hill from my house.

I guess my strange interest boiled down to two questions.

1. Who would sell a bulldozer by putting it on the side of the road? I don’t know what the best way is, since I can’t imagine too many people have extra heavy machinery around their houses that they want to get rid of.

2. Who would buy a bulldozer from the side of the road? I can’t imagine it’s an impulse buy, like driving through the neighborhood on a Saturday and happening upon a yard sale. Is it something you’d buy if you’re in the landscaping, construction or bury-a-body-quickly business and need equipment right away?

I do know that if it were free, it would have never lasted. The same day as my wife and I saw the bulldozer, we saw a free lawnmower available on the side of our street to anyone who wanted to take it. Even though my wife noted the sign also said it needed work (much smaller than the “FREE,” mind you), it was gone within the hour.

People will pick up anything as long as it’s free. My father, who I joked would have been interested in the bulldozer if he could have fit it in the back of his truck, said that he once wanted to get rid of an old woodstove, so he set it next to the road on top of a piece of plywood to keep it from damaging the lawn.

Not only did someone take the stove, he took the plywood. My father wanted to keep the plywood, but he didn’t ask for it back when he ran into the guy who took the stove.

I guess the fate of the bulldozer will always be a mystery. When I was driving to work this morning, it was gone.

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