A mansion is what you make of it

Imagine owning a dwelling that had:

— More than 50 rooms.

— Eight to 10 bathrooms.

— A hillside location.

— A full kitchen and dining space for 60 to 80 guests at a time.

— Two gymnasiums.

— A library.

— Its own stage.

— Outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts and acres of fields.

It’s enough to invoke your “Downton Abbey” fantasies, isn’t it?

Except I’m not talking about Highclere Castle, or one of the Newport Mansions (one of which is pictured).

I’m talking about my elementary school in upstate New York … or at least the school as I remember it. I haven’t been back in more than 20 years, so my memory may not be perfect and I’m guessing the school has changed at least a little since then.

Owning an elementary school may seem ridiculous, but according to V over at Millennial Life Crisis, abandoned elementary schools dot the highways of British Columbia, and someone turned one of them into a house for the “low, low price of $259,000.”

Of course, my elementary school is still in use, and it’s attached to the high school, but I’m sure you could work that out with the real estate agent.


5 thoughts on “A mansion is what you make of it

  1. I think it would be so fun to own a school. Especially if you had kids…. imagine all that space to keep them out of your hair – and their own indoor gymnasium – a stage for your artsy child. Ugh, the possibilities are endless.

    There’s an abandoned Elemenatary school near Radium Hot Springs BC (Right on the edge of Kootenay national park) that has the most picturesque mountain backdrop. I think that would be an incredible one to buy and make it my own.


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