Reaching back into the archives

I’ve been writing this version of the blog for about two years, but I’ve been sharing my thoughts on the world in various ways for almost eight years.

And I have to tell you, as I look back, most of it has been absolutely tragic.

Seriously, I read some of it and wonder, “What in the actual hell was I thinking?”

But I do like some of what I wrote, and have been trying to find a way to consolidate it here. Now, thanks to a process of mostly error-and-error,  they now have a home.

It’s called Written in Past Lives, and you can find it either in the menu above or by clicking on the link. The inspiration for the name was Maggie Rogers’ album “Heard It In A Past Life,” which you really should listen to if you haven’t already.

I’ll be adding to the page periodically, but here are the first four entries. The posts are mostly as I first wrote them, with some editing, updating and comments.

Farewell to the big dude 

The start of a wonderful relationship

’Skagway Bill’ and ‘Aunt Jane’

God, country and Alan Jackson



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