The start of a wonderful relationship

From March 9, 2017. Perhaps you remember Jamie, who teaches my exercise class and got me to walk a 5K while wearing a pink T-shirt. She recently was out for a time, and when she came back, there was much rejoicing. This is the story of when we first met.

“Lucky for you I didn’t die.”

And I wonder why I have trouble meeting new people … in this case, the cardio-kickboxing instructor at my gym whose class I had just completed for the first time.

You’ll be shocked to know that she was somewhat taken aback to hear me joking that she would have been in big trouble had I keeled over in the last hour, since she hadn’t given me a waiver before the start of class.

There’s something about paperwork to hold people harmless from grievous bodily harm or death that brings out my morbid sense of humor. A few years ago, when I went with a friend to a try-it-out night from the local curling club, I asked if there were a lot of curling-related deaths. (There are not, and apparently dropping a curling stone on one’s head is a clear sign of bad form.)

But I digress …

All jokes aside, I actually was worried about keeling over. I go to the gym three times a week, but I choose the exercises and go at my own pace. Yet in the class I signed up for because 7 a.m. Thursdays worked in my schedule, it seemed like it might be fun and I was desperately trying to find ways to be less of a lazy slob, I wasn’t going to be able to set my own pace, not without looking pathetic.

So even though I signed up, I wrote down the phone number, just in case I wanted to cancel. However, I didn’t chicken out, and I didn’t die.

The instructor, even though she’s way too young, way too thin and way too full of energy at 7 a.m., was really nice and made everyone feel comfortable as we learned the routines.

And the exercises felt good. I had to nurse through some leg pain (caused by weightlifting, exacerbated by pickleball) for a few weeks, but nothing I couldn’t handle. A couple times, I even found myself … smiling.

In the couple months I’ve been taking the class, it was called off once for snow, and I was out of town last week, but I signed up for today’s class after I got back.

Then I noticed the strange number on my voicemail yesterday. It was the gym, telling me today’s class was canceled because only two people had signed up.

I’d like to think it was a one-time thing, but since there haven’t been more than three people in any of my classes, I’m not feeling especially optimistic.

(The Thursday class eventually did go away, but it moved to Monday evenings, and it’s still going strong, plus there’s a Saturday class.)


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