I’m not always ‘smart,’ even if the technology is

Because I have no desire to be Dead Employee Walking, I’ve been working at home since last week.

It has been good to be away from the office, but it can get lonesome at times, so I’ve been playing music or radio shows to keep myself company.

My phone is connected to the Amazon Echo in the kitchen, so I just choose what I want to listen to, turn on the Bluetooth to hook up the speaker and let it play.

This afternoon, when the show I was listening to finished, I didn’t feel like listening to anything else right away, so I shut off the SiriusXM app and turned off the Echo …

… by walking into the kitchen to shut off the Bluetooth.

Let’s think about this … the technology in my house is set up so I can listen to whatever I want through speakers anywhere I please, yet for some reason, I felt the need to walk over to it to turn if off.

“Alexa, who’s an idiot?”

“I’m not going to answer that.”

Technology with tact … who knew?

But in reality, she knows, and so do I.


One thought on “I’m not always ‘smart,’ even if the technology is

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