Surprise friends in Colorado

I couldn’t tell you name of the town now — I’m not sure I could have told you then, except I seem to recall they were building a casino — but we were driving through the mountains in Colorado, and we were lost.

My parents, brother and I were visiting my aunt and her husband on vacation and were on our way to … I believe, Vail. (Everything I’m writing here is from memory, which could be spotty.)

This was long before GPS days, so the only way to get directions was to find someplace to ask for directions, in this case, the first house we came across.

For some, possibly flawed, reason, it sticks in my mind that their last name was Moody, they were an older couple and there was another car with another lost family either in the driveway when we got there or it pulled in right behind us.

Maybe it comes from being a rare house in the mountains.

We got the directions we needed, but not before they invited us into their house.

While my brother and I did something in the next room, the adults sat around the kitchen table (again, as I remember all of this) and chatted. Maybe it was 15 minutes, maybe an hour … I don’t even begin to remember.

But regardless, this couple invited complete strangers into their house … clearly not concerned that we could have been a roaming family of ax murderers for all they knew.

And we went into a complete stranger’s house … clearly not concerned that they could have taken advantage of their remoteness in the mountains to kill and dismember unfortunate wayward travelers.

OK, so maybe I exaggerate slightly, but even in the days before your cellphones could bail you out of directional trouble — assuming you had reception, of course — who did that?

We have an update from a regular reader I call “Mom” — “I think it was Black Hawk. It was the Moodys and the other couple were from Denmark and didn’t speak very good English. But we had coffee and snacks and watched their hummingbirds. They were such nice people and their directions got us where we wanted to go. For a long time, when we didn’t know something you guys would say, ‘We could ask Mr. Moody.'”

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