Oregon Adventures: Time to go

On our final night in Oregon, Dancehall Days performed a concert basically behind the patio of our hotel room.

If there’s a song you’ve liked in the past 25 years, or any Fleetwood Mac song, they probably played it.

Because reality always insists on breaking up the fantasy, we’re headed back home to Massachusetts. If you missed anything I wrote about the trip, or want to read it again, here you go.

Our welcome to Oregon was in the form of flying past a mountain.

We weren’t planning on going to Pittock Mansion, but we were glad we did.

I finally got to a baseball game this year.

On vacation, there are no rules.

Bend was so great, I’m convinced there’s some sort of conspiracy going on.

Crater Lake … oh my goodness.

After hundreds of miles and lots of mountains, we reached our final destination. (Also, #TeamPuddles).



4 thoughts on “Oregon Adventures: Time to go

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