What’s that word I’m looking for? Wait … there is none.

If you’ve ever spent time in a coffee shop, I’m sure you’ve seen them, maybe even been one yourself — the people who sit at their tables a long time but buy little if anything.

Did you know the French have a word for that? It’s “seigneur-terrace.”

And from the Scots comes a word that I can relate to — the nervous hesitation right before introducing someone whose name you can’t remember. I usually just introduce the person whose name I do remember and then give the other person an “and please tell them who you are …” look. It works most of the time.

The word is “tartle.”

The folks at Mental Floss provided those and other words with no English equivalent — 38 in all.

A book that came out when I was in high school, “The Meaning of Liff,” did the same thing, using names of British towns, as I recall. (This is the only one I remember.)

But I can think of a couple more definitions in search of words to define.

For instance, there needs to be a word for people who leave shopping carts all over the parking lot, maybe with a version for people who do it in handicapped spaces. (There also oughta be a law, but that’s another issue.)

Another word we need is for someone trying to park a gigantic vehicle that is much more than they can handle.

This one would also have a modified version, for the person who gets out, sees half of their small tank sitting out of the back of the parking spot and their tires on or over the line and says, “Good enough.”

Sure, the words “a–hole” (especially for the first person) and “idiot” exist, but I think they should have their own words.

What about you? What do you see in life that you think should have its own word, but doesn’t?

Seriously, there needs to be a word for the marvelous parking job in the above picture from ArtisticOperations on Pixabay.


4 thoughts on “What’s that word I’m looking for? Wait … there is none.

  1. I have to agree with the parking one – NO ONE in my office parking lot parks properly, I have the dents in my door to prove it. They need a name because no curse word is strong enough lol


      1. ugh!!! last night I had to get in my car next to a car who parked with their whole but over the line. I just stood there for a while looking at thinking how did this person think this was okay and how tf am I supposed to get in my car lol

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