What is that strange color above?

My wife texted me about it.

One of my coworkers took a selfie to send to her husband.

Forget the nothingburger eclipse of a couple years ago; this should have been the lead story on all the local newscasts, for it was a meteorological miracle.

The sun actually came out.

To be honest, it’s bigger news than the newest royal baby. After all, the little guy will probably only ever be king is if a “King Ralph” happens while he’s getting his diaper changed.

But for seemingly the first time since the beginning of … April? March? Time? … the dark clouds parted enough to allow sunlight to emerge in Massachusetts!

It had gotten so bad that the other day, I felt bright light coming into my office and thought that maybe the clouds had broken, only to be disappointed to realize the sky had only gone from dark gray to lighter gray.

Making matters worse it that it has been raw and rained just about every day.

Making matters even worse is that the forecast for Portland, Oregon, is for temperatures in the 80s and even 90 all week, but the pessimist in me just knows it won’t be like that when we go out there next month.

I’m not saying it has been bad, but a friend of mine from college recently compared it to Utica weather. You never want your weather to be compared to Utica’s, but as I pointed out, even in Utica, the weather had usually gotten decent by the beginning of May, giving us a couple good weeks before the end of the semester.

Who knows? Maybe it took the birth of the royal baby for the gloom to finally subside, in which case, I say “God Save The Seventh In Line To The Throne.”

Yes, yes … it’s going to take some work.

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