Save us from the jargon!

Every office, every professional situation has its BS, its jargon intended to make its speaker seem smarter.

Problem is, everyone knows its BS, except perhaps the spreader of such BS.

In one of my old offices, we actually had an expression, “Eat the pizza,” to describe it.

Morning meetings included doughnuts, but we often ordered pizza if it was going to run through  lunch, and “Eat the pizza” basically meant, “Yes, this is stupid, but at least you get pizza out of the deal.”

There’s enough office BS jargon out there that someone tried to do a public service and rank the worst examples.

It’s a solid list, but I must quibble with the order.

”Piggybacking” will always have the top spot, because it means is the speaker doesn’t actually have a thought, but still insists on saying something, so he or she repeats something someone else just said.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll throw a line in at the end after a lengthy recitation of what we heard two minutes ago.

It serves the dual purpose — and I use the terms “serves” and “purpose” very loosely — of making a discussion you desperately want to end even longer while adding nothing to it.

It’s not jargon, but the only thing that compares is the person who listens to an entire discussion, but doesn’t say anything until the person leading it says some variation of “Anything else?”

Clearly, someone doesn’t realize that means “I really want this to be over, but can’t just end it.”

And you know what the person who springs to life when everyone else is ready to get out of there is going to do …

… piggyback.

You know what the people in the graphic by GraphicMama-team on Pixabay need? Pizza.


10 thoughts on “Save us from the jargon!

  1. Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    A lot of these are pretty annoying! I’m not against specialist language that actually serves a purpose, but I think we could all do with less corporate office speak!

    Liked by 1 person

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