Sorry … try something else

As my wife and I were driving to lunch today through a neighborhood of fancy suburban homes, we saw a few lawn signs that read “Drive like your pets live here.”

This clearly is an attempt to get the childless set to slow down, since we’re not going to drive like our kids live there if we don’t have any, right?

Problem is, our cat Sasha’s an indoor cat, so if she’s close enough for someone to hit her with their car, either she has escaped (which she did years ago for about 36 hours) or someone has driven their car into our house.

And if for some reason Sasha’s at your house, the problem won’t be whether I’m going fast enough to hit her with the car, it’s going to be when I knock on your front door asking why you have my cat.

Want to get my attention? Put a sign on your yard saying “There’s a cop right down the street … and he’s in a bad mood.”


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