Sara Bareilles and all of her new friends

It was a year ago last night that the sound of Sara Bareilles’ voice on “Jesus Christ Superstar” jolted me out of whatever I was doing and made me pay attention.

Last night, she sat at a piano to sing “Brave,” “Armor” and “She Used To Be Mine” for a crowd of about 400 people at TheTimesCenter.

And I was paying full attention.

“Are you kidding me?”

That was my reaction when my wife texted me that Sara Bareilles was doing a TimesTalk while we were in New York. My luck isn’t usually that good.

She talked with Times music critic Jon Pareles for about an hour — about songwriting and “Waitress” and how Ben Folds told her that yes, her little rebellions were actually “punk.”

She told self-deprecating jokes and she swore and she corrected a young woman who she knew had seen “Waitress” more than 50 times by telling her that if she’s writes, she’s a writer, not an “aspiring writer.”

And she talked about how Jennifer Nettles is a friend and inspiration, which was right up my alley.

And then she sang.

Basically, she came across as the type everyone would want as their best friend.

And I’m not sure she wouldn’t go for it.

Amidst the Chaos” comes out Friday. I will be getting it.

5 thoughts on “Sara Bareilles and all of her new friends

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