No plan? No problem!

Decision time … at an intersection. Left or right?

“There’s a mass of humanity that way, and a mass of humanity that way.”

“You’re in Manhattan. There’s going to be a mass of humanity wherever you are.”


We went right.

With hours to kill and nothing planned, my wife and I left our hotel in Chelsea and just started walking.

We didn’t know where we wanted to go, or what we wanted to do, only that we wanted to be outside on a glorious spring day.

So, apparently, did a lot of other people. The High Line was mobbed with people, and it definitely had that “first nice day, let’s get out” kind of vibe.

Chelsea Market was the same way.

And yes, there is a KGB Museum. We didn’t go.

Now, that’s a sign.

At one point, I noticed I was walking differently — head up, shoulders back, chest out, loose, happy … taking in the energy of New York (and the nice weather.)

We walked for miles, never did stop anywhere, never did anything in particular. We just enjoyed the day, the sights and the epic people-watching that goes along with it.

Who needed plans?


5 thoughts on “No plan? No problem!

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