No, that’s personal … that’s why I’m calling!

I apparently have a friend who’s very concerned about my Social Security number.

After all, why else would he have called me — on my personal phone, no less — five times in roughly 24 hours to tell me my number would be suspended.

And from five different numbers, to boot.

I appreciated the concern right up until I hung up — or just didn’t answer the last time — but I must say, for a friend, he sounded kind of robotic.

Heather from Account Services and her pals sounded much more genuine.

I was pretty sure that my Social Security wasn’t in any danger, but since this wasn’t about a credit card for which I have no issues or student loans I don’t have, I figured I’d better call someone, just in case.

At this point, I got caught in a phone tree runaround so bad that if I actually had been running, I’d be all set to run, instead of walk, the 5K I’m planning on doing this June.

In fact, I think I’d be able to run it backwards.

Finally, I said the magic words — “I want to talk to a human being.”

The disembodied voice on the other end of the line said that was no problem, but they needed some personal information first …

… starting with my Social Security number.



It’s a phone number supposedly for people to register concerns about Social Security fraud, and you want someone to give out their number before they can even talk to someone?

Either the con is taking the approach that the right one will get you if the left one doesn’t, or someone in the Social Security Administration needs to restructure their complaint line.

Needless to say, I hung up.

2 thoughts on “No, that’s personal … that’s why I’m calling!

  1. ugh I’m so tired of junk calls. A few years ago people were talking about the calls that made you say “yes” and they reportedly recorded you and did something with that idk but I’m one of those people that got tricked into saying yes and I had so much anxiety about it lol

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    1. Ugh is right. The good news is that I smartened up yesterday and didn’t answer when the phone rang. I actually don’t know why I ever answer, since my parents are pretty much the only people who call me, and I know their number.

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