Counting down the days to New York

The trip to New York was going to happen as soon as we got tickets to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s “Fleabag” one-woman show, but now that the train tickets are bought and the hotel room reserved, it’s just a little more real.

After missing it in London, we’re also going to see “Network” with Bryan Cranston on Broadway, and my wife found a “Times Talks” event featuring Sara Bareilles while we’re there.

So yeah, it should be good.

Plus New York is my favorite city.

But while the trip will be an enjoyable vacation once it happens, for the next month it will have another function … something to look forward to.

Work and life and who knows what else will happen in the next month, but on the bad days, the ones that are just drudgery, if nothing else, getting through the day will at least be one day closer to New York.


One thought on “Counting down the days to New York

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