Life in six words

Could you tell the story of your life in six words?

I saw a post on Tammy’s Reading/Writing Life challenging people to do that as an exercise in brevity.

For someone who can be on the long-winded side, it was a pretty interesting undertaking.

Even though I’m generally not much for brainstorming — mine turn out to be more braindrizzles — I came up with a list, either as chapters for my life story or inspiration for a lot of memoirs.

Happily married, in spite of myself.

— Not there, but working on it.

— Too competitive for my own good.

Would rather be right than popular.

— Pasta? Get out of my way!

In his 40s, licks the bowl.

Don’t ask me to fix anything.

Who doesn’t like bacon? This guy.

— Wondering where all the years went.

Yankees fan among Red Sox rooters.

— No really, the door is locked.

As you can see, I’ve written about some of these, but if you’d like me to write a lot more than six words on any of the others, drop a comment.

And what would your six-word memoir look like?


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