A few Valentine’s Day thoughts

Random observations on a day where I wore tan to work, not black, and if I am feeling cranky, it’s not because I’m working the special floral express lane at Price Chopper …

— Yes, I used to be that guy.

The worst part was when people in college saw my all-black ensemble and asked what fraternity I was pledging, given that I’m not a huge fan of the Greek life. (People of Greek origin, they’re fine.)

Of course, the reason why I’m not miserable of Valentine’s Day is that I have an awesome wife.

One of life’s great mysteries is how she puts up with me, especially given that I’m a space cadet half the time, but sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions, lest she wise up.

However, while I’m OK with her writing about how great she thinks I am, I could have done without Facebook reminding me that four years ago, Valentine’s Day fell in the middle of a month where it never stopped snowing.

Although I must say, when you’ve been chipping away at the ice with a hammer and screwdriver and all of a sudden you hit that right spot and the ice dam blows to pieces, that’s pretty cool.

I’d just rather it not happen again. Dinner and gifts are fine with me.

— I’m down with D.C. and North Carolina on this one.

And Tracy Wolfson of CBS.

However, the lack of “When Harry Met Sally” is a scandal wrapped in an outrage with a crunchy outer crust of travesty.

— “Remember exchanging valentines in grade school? The teachers made sure everyone gave one to everyone else. But usually one from a special someone really made your day.”

Well, there was the cheerleader who loved to tickle me as a third-grader (my teacher was cheerleading coach) and who promised to give me a special card if I gave her one.

Of course, I didn’t. But one of classmates gave me a spare to give to her, and I got a handmade card in return, made of construction paper and everything.

It was actually quite sweet, but I wasn’t expecting a 30-plus-year-old memory that I probably hadn’t thought about in that whole time to resurface because of the first line of a fundraising pitch from the local public radio/TV station.

— A reminder that once “Moulin Rouge” hits Broadway, if the show in general and Aaron Tveit in particular does not win all the Tonys, we riot.

— If you’re interested, I went into more detail last year, but I will say once again that this is the best thing you will read about Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

One thought on “A few Valentine’s Day thoughts

  1. That is such a sweet memory! When I was in like preschool a boy brought in a rose for the teacher for Valentine’s Day and ended up giving it to me instead, my family still brings it up which is the only reason I have a slight memory of it lol I hope you and your wife have a great Valentine’s Day!

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