Photo gallery: Vancouver

If you want to see a beautiful city, get yourself to Vancouver.

You won’t be disappointed.

One night when we were there, we went to the harbor to see off a cruise ship, and made some friends.

One thing that was weird, and maybe because Vancouver is a big city, is that the Winter Olympics had just been there earlier that year, but by the time we arrived, they had almost been forgotten.

During our trip to Toronto the year before, every third ad was for a special pair of Maple Leaf mittens to benefit the Canadian Olympic team. In Vancouver, my wife bought a pair out of a clearance barrel.

And while you’re there, get on the Sea-to-Sky Highway toward Whistler.

Whistler itself is a nice place, but the views along the highway make getting there at least half the fun.

I’d definitely go back to Vancouver if I had the chance.


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