Getting my mind right

I was off.

I tend to be a creature of routine, and my routine had been thrown off badly.

But even though no one seemed bothered about it but me, and I adjusted perfectly fine, it made me crabby all day.

After my wife got home from work, she said she planned on taking advantage of the unusually mild weather to go for a walk if I wanted to come.

For once, I was smart enough to realize that what I had to do could wait.

It was one of the shorter walks we take, just a loop not far from our house, but it was a good day to walk.

We saw other people out walking their dogs, and one of the women from my exercise class said she saw us.

And the walking and talking and joking was enough for me to get out of my own head for a while.

“When it comes to relationships, every day won’t be 50/50. Some days will, but some days all he will have is 10 and you gotta give 90 but it’s okay. Because some days all you’ll have is 10 and he’ll give 90.”

— Rosie Culture, “It’s Not Always 50/50

Fortunately, my wife had the 90.

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