A year after “Hamilton”

A year ago today, we spent the morning of my wife’s birthday on a tour of the National Theatre in London …

“It requires a veritable factory behind the scenes and systems that include a rotating drum with elevators, retractable seats, giant storage bays just offstage and crews that pride themselves on building lifelike sets and turning over an entire stage in just a matter of hours.


… and we ended it at “Hamilton.”

“People cheered when the lights went down.

Lots of things in life come with hype — the release of a new iPhone, a certain American football game this Sunday — but how many of them come with the expectation that it be brilliant at worst, life-altering at best?

Time sure flies, doesn’t it?


This year, instead of us going to the National Theatre, the National Theatre will be coming to us, as were going to the NT Live presentation of “I’m Not Running.

And we’re already looking at possibly seeing “All About Eve” with Gillian Anderson and Lily James in April.

Next, I’ll have to figure out what I want to do for my birthday.

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