Getting on the Maggie Rogers bandwagon

I didn’t have the foggiest idea who Maggie Rogers was when I went to the Mumford & Sons concert last December, other than she was the opening act.

But unlike Frankie Ballard — who seemed like he was built at the Create A Country Singer Store and was killing time until Sugarland could take the stage — the way she performed said one thing out loud.

She’s gonna be good.

He may not be wild about the term “Cumberbitches,” but somewhere, before it got huge, there was someone who thought Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty damn cool and proclaimed it somewhere on the internet — the Patient Zero, if you will.

The original Maggie Rogers fans are out there — either because of the famous Pharrell Williams video, “Saturday Night Live” appearance or something else, plenty of people at the TD Garden clearly knew who she was.

One of the most wrenching moments on the record comes during ‘Light On,’ when she lets out an Alanis-esque wail against the chatty misinterpretation of others: ‘With everyone around me saying, you should be so happy now!’

— “The Inescapable Aura of Maggie Rogers,” Lindsay Zoladz, The Ringer

But to a new fan like myself, seeing an Instagram story that someone is playing “Heard It In a Past Life” makes me want to say, “You too? Cool.”

If Rogers’ first full album is truly liftoff for a stellar career, it’s fun to be on the bandwagon, if not at the start, then what seems to be fairly early (as opposed to someone like Sara Bareilles, who I may have been the last one in the world to know about).

Hopefully, the people who were already at the party are nice.

“But like any large cult, there are cracks in what at first appears to be unity. Some who discovered Cumberbatch’s appeal prior to his breakout roles in ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Star Trek’ feel more entitled to their fandom than newer devotees.

‘There is a small part of me that felt like we Cumberbabes were in on a special little secret, like we were in an exclusive little club,’ says Akron, Ohio, attorney Kate Makra, 36.”

— “Whether you call them Cumberbitches, Cumberbabes or the Cumber Collective, female fans of ‘Sherlock’ star Benedict Cumberbatch are legion,” Molly Friedman, New York Daily News

And if Frankie Ballard ever becomes a big star, I’ll say “I saw him when” and hope no one remembers what I wrote ever existed.


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