Six faves, five traits, one me

Quick, come up with five words to describe yourself.

Not easy, is it?

For an extra challenge, try to do it without it seeming like you’re bragging.

I got tagged to do it today, and here’s what I came up with.

Normal — Should I find it odd that as I was thinking of including this on my list, that I would come across a Guardian article from last May stating that must of us are normal … and that’s how websites know what ads to pitch us, even if we haven’t searched for it?

Well, anyway, I’m a 46-year-old middle manager who lives in the suburbs with his wife and cat, who works during the week and relaxes on weekends and likes ordinary things … pretty normal stuff. “Boring” is another word you could have used here, perhaps even “basic,” but we’ll go with “normal.”

Except for this blog. This blog is abnormally good, and everyone should read it.

Goofy — I believe you can find humor in most things, and there aren’t that many things for which I won’t try. The jokes don’t always land, but I’ll still keep going for them.

Logical — I tend to try to think in straight lines, Point A to Point B along the path that makes most sense. It tends to make me argumentative (just missed the cut), because what seems logical to me is often not for others.

Those people are, of course, wrong.

Opposites — What? How can a person be “opposites”?

One of my favorite pieces of writing was Thomas Boswell describing Mike Schmidt in “Why Time Begins on Opening Day”: “… an introverted extrovert. He broods; then, when he’s out of his funk, he can’t stop talking about it.”

Sounds pretty good, along with patient and impatient, calm and stressed, wavering and decisive (that one being almost perfectly split between real life and work), laid-back and hyper.

Basically, I’m a couple chords and a tagline from being an Alanis Morissette song.

Nice — As long as I’m this one, I’ll deal with whatever other words people come up with for me.


But wait! There’s more!

Not long after I was challenged to come up with five words to describe myself, I was also tagged to list six favorites, so here goes.

My wife — My favorite person.

Spaghetti — My favorite food.

Baseball — My favorite sport.

Laughter — No matter how terrible things are, if you’re laughing, in that moment, you’re happy.


Sugarland — My favorite band.

New York CityMy favorite place … well, if it isn’t Los Angeles or London.

I’ll tag other people online to do each of these, but what are five words to describe you, or your six favorite things? Let me know in the comments!


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