Time to eat!

The year in food in Boston, about 30 miles near where I live, will include Japanese sandwiches gaining in popularity, restaurants without seats and marijuana-infused food (it just became legal here.

Oh, and apparently food being more political then ever, because really, what isn’t?

The Boston Globe made those and other predictions, inspiring me to make my own at the appropriate level of my foodieness.

Which is to say none.

1. I will continue to eat food — I need food to live. I like living. Also, I enjoy it.

2. Sticking with the tried-and-true — On the advice of medical professionals, I eased some foods out of my diet last year (goodbye, chicken tenders, although I have brought French fries back in a little bit) and introduced a few new ones, like broccoli rice.

I’d still rather eat white rice, and I do at restaurants, but at home, I’ve been eating broccoli rice instead. It’s adequate to the task, and certainly better than the alternative, brown rice, which makes everything it touches worse.

And when I first started eating crispbreads with natural peanut butter, I just thought it was kind of blah, but now I like it, especially after discovering multigrain and sourdough breads and that putting the peanut butter in the refrigerator keeps it from separating.

And I’ve really developed a taste for cornbread. I’ve always liked it, but now, when my wife makes chili — in two batches, since I don’t like kidney beans — I look forward to eating it for breakfast the next few mornings.

For an ordinary person, this might lead to more experimentation with new things, but I’m not an ordinary person. As someone whose culinary taste hasn’t progressed much past a boy’s, and who has eaten enough hot turkey sandwiches to consider himself an expert on it, last year provided enough adventure for a while, thank you very much.

3. Moderation will remain the key — While I made some small changes to my diet, the biggest change was eating somewhat-more-sensible meals and a lot less between meals.

Out went doughnuts and Doritos at work, in came a sensible snack between work and dinner (see the crispbreads and peanut butter above). Even though there were a few times during the holidays where it felt like I was going to eat everything that didn’t eat me first, it was just temporary.

4. Noel Fielding will continue to make me cringe — Whatever Channel 4 has to spend to get Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc and Mary Berry to come back to “The Great British Bake Off,” they should spend it. I know they didn’t make the move because they were loyal to the BBC, but loyalty can be bought.

It’s nothing against Sandi Toksvig and Prue Leith, but they may have to be collateral damage to ensure the spectacularly unfunny Noel Fielding is never seen near the tent again.

Plus I miss the masterclasses with Mary and Paul Hollywood.

That tasty-looking spaghetti dinner is from ponce_photography on Pixabay. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m getting kind of hungry.

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