Life is full of surprises

A bunch of my friends did the thing where they got their top nine photos on Instagram, so I figured I’d give it a try.

None are pictures of me — I don’t take selfies — and no shocker, the majority were travel photos, since that’s what I take most of my pictures of and my friends seem to like them.

Yet I noticed something as I took a look at them.

Not so much on New Year’s Eve, especially a rainy one, but Times Square is one of my favorite places in the world. I will always find it fascinating.

And I had been pointing to Wrigley Field ever since my wife and I started planning our trip to Chicago.

But Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London wasn’t even on my radar screen. I hadn’t even heard of it. We literally went because we were looking for something to do and were in the neighborhood.

And Edinburgh was just going to be the place we spent a few days after we left London.

Sure, it looked like it had potential, but so did Dublin a few years ago, and that was sort of meh after we had been in London.

But all of them were among the highlights of 2018.

So the moral of the story is great experiences can come when and where you least expect them.

7 thoughts on “Life is full of surprises

  1. Magical Mystical Mimi

    Traveling is on my personal “to do” list and I would LOVE to go to London and Edinburgh! I’m a bit of a Royal Family fan. 🙂 Your photos are amazing. – Stopping by from Blogging Anarachy. Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks! London and Edinburgh are awesome and you’ll love it! If you get a chance, search for photos from the New Year’s Eve torch parade in Edinburgh. I wasn’t there for that, but it’s down the Royal Mile, which is the main road through the city, and the photos are amazing!


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