If Switzerland is real, it looks spectacular

One of my wife’s and my friends moved to Basel, Switzerland, earlier this year.

She’s a frequent and humorous tweeter, with topics that include the expat life — she misses the Yankees and isn’t really sure about soccer, although she has been to an FC Basel game — but it’s her photos of her travels around the area that have caused my wife to come to a conclusion.

This place called “Switzerland” is not a real place.

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That one person in every office

At work today, I was thrust back into a role I hadn’t played for quite some time.

The guy who has to fix the toner in the printer.

I must just have that look, because the co-worker who asked me to help her change the toner had no idea of my past, but there I was, trying to figure out where the button was to extricate the old toner. Continue reading “That one person in every office”

Welcome to the Church of Mumford

There was a moment, I believe during “Believe,” where Marcus Mumford, surrounded by fans on all four sides of the stage-in-the-round at TD Garden in Boston, leaned over the rail and held out his arms.

As the crowd adored him and he adored right back, the look on his face said, “Man … this is fun!”

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The Christmas Tag

Tag, I’m it.

Hannah chose me as part of her Christmas Tag, meaning I must do the following:

1. Thank the blogger that tagged you and link their blog to your post. (Thanks, Hannah!)

2. List the rules in the post.

3. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger.

4. Nominate some other bloggers and provide them with 12 new questions!

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My favorite blog posts of 2018

It’s the time of year for “best of” lists, which can also be called “lists of stuff other people thought was cool but Bill didn’t watch/read/listen to,” although “Killing Eve” was an exception.

Soon, I’ll get my friend Bob’s annual Christmas card, which chronicles his family’s year in a hilarious manner. It’s truly a highlight of the season.

I’m not nearly as funny as Bob, and I would never list what posts of mine I thought were the best — I both wrote them and tend to like my writing less and less the more I read it — but looking back at 2018 so far, I can say what ones I enjoyed writing the most.

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A taste of London outside Boston

One of the few things my wife and I feel like we’ve missed on our trips to London is seeing a show at the National Theatre.

By the time we went on a tour there this year, it was our last day in the city before going to Edinburgh, and we were going to see “Hamilton” that night.

It’s too bad, because the production of “Network” (the same one, starring Bryan Cranston, that just opened on Broadway) looked pretty interesting.

Oh well, maybe next time. I don’t know when, but knowing us, there will almost certainly be a next time.

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You’ve got to be s—-ing me

Imagine a world where, thanks to artificial intelligence, your toilet can figure out what’s wrong with you by scanning your poop,

Should that day ever come, Sanjay Mehrotra of chipmaker Micron Technology is here for it.

“Medicine is going toward precision medicine and precision health,” Mehrotra said at the Techonomy 2018 conference in Half Moon Bay on the Pacific coastline south of San Francisco. “Imagine smart toilets in the future that will be analyzing human waste in real time every day. You don’t need to be going to visit a physician every six months. If any sign of disease starts showing up, you’ll be able to catch it much faster because of urine analysis and stool analysis.”

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Simple man seeks simple Twitter

I’ve been married for 16 years, but I remember what it was like being single, so I enjoyed this post about dating from The High-Heeled Papergirl.

So I hit the little heart button underneath. Because I’m a simple man, I just thought I’d be expressing to the writer my appreciation for her efforts (I also commented on it.)

But no …

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Where were all the people at the mall?

Last month, my wife bought a dongle from the Apple store at the nearby mall for a presentation she was going to be giving.

But as it turned out, she didn’t make the presentation, meaning she wanted to return the dongle … which required going back to the mall …

… to the Apple store.

… on a Saturday.

… in December.

Of course, it was going to suck.

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It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas

Even though I try not to even thInk about it until after Thanksgiving, I don’t immediately turn on the Christmas spirit full-bore as soon as the turkey’s done.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s something you build up to, with milestones along the way.

Like putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.

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