If Switzerland is real, it looks spectacular

One of my wife’s and my friends moved to Basel, Switzerland, earlier this year.

She’s a frequent and humorous tweeter, with topics that include the expat life — she misses the Yankees and isn’t really sure about soccer, although she has been to an FC Basel game — but it’s her photos of her travels around the area that have caused my wife to come to a conclusion.

This place called “Switzerland” is not a real place.

Seriously, what real place looks like this?

Our friend has just about admitted it’s all a hoax, before catching herself just in time and saying we have a place to stay if we want one. “Fairy tale” indeed!

And if there is a CGI/green screen/soundstage hoax (you know, like the moon landing), our man Rick Steves is all over it.

But the folks from Lonely Planet are going for the hard sell.

“Switzerland is a harmonious tableau of beautiful images, a slideshow of epic proportions that has been seducing travelers since the days of the Grand Tour and the birth of winter tourism in the 1930s. From the chink of Verbier glitterati hobnobbing over Champagne to the reassuring bell jangle of silky black Val d’Herens cattle in the Valais, Switzerland mixes rural and urban with astonishing ease, grace and precision. Ride a red train between peak and pine, soak in mountain spa waters, snowshoe to your igloo or scamper across medieval bridges; this country is picture perfect, with not a hair out of place.”

So we’re not only supposed to believe Switzerland is a real place, but that it’s basically George Clooney.

I guess the only way we can find out is try to go sometime!


23 thoughts on “If Switzerland is real, it looks spectacular

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